Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Cooking...Now Cooking for Two!

Sunday afternoon is a great time to get ahead for the week, and weeks to come, by grocery shopping in bulk, and time permitting, cooking in bulk. This Sunday I happened to have free (a rarity) and had plenty of time to prepare all of my meals for the week. Here's what I whipped up today:

  1. Baked Stuffed Peppers - with stuffing to spare to freeze for a quick and easy weeknight meal 
  2. Baked Veggie and Ground Turkey Lasagna
  3. Potato, Sausage, and Broccoli Quiche
  4. Chicken and Vegetable Soup
  5. Baked Stuffed Apples
I guess you could say I was rather ambitious; some of these meals will go in the freezer to cut prep and cooking time in the future. I don't anticipate having to do this much cooking at once for a long time. Having just moved in with my wonderful boyfriend, I am now preparing meals for are my challenges though:
  • One person requires Gluten Free meals, I on the other hand, do not.
    • Often a gluten free diet can be much higher in calories when wheat is substituted for gluten free products. I do my best to stick to unprocessed foods, mainly vegetables, meat, rice
  • Both of us are VERY active and require a substantial amount of calories...ok, maybe I don't require that many calories, but I certainly do love food (and wine)!
  • Dairy intake must be limited...evidently cheese can make your cholesterol rise.
With that being said, I will be sharing my cost-friendly recipes, and shopping lists for preparing meals large enough for dietary challenges, hearty appetites and leftovers for freezing.

First up on the menu, Baked Stuffed Peppers! 

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